Canadian Centre for International Cooperation

The Canadian Council for International Co-operation is Canada’s independent national voice for international development. Together with more than 80 member organizations, the Canadian Council for International Co-operation seeks to end global poverty and promote social justice and human dignity for all and is committed to making this goal a public and political priority and to encouraging the actions necessary to make a poverty-free world a reality.

The Canadian Council for International Co-operation works to

  • Ensure Canadian commitments to international development are effective and meaningful.
  • Bring together people and organizations passionate about development, social justice, and human rights in Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Americas
  • Connect academics and practitioners, students and supervisors, thinkers and actors to collaborate on international development projects and initiatives.
  • Strengthen the quality and efficiency of humanitarian action in alleviating the suffering of those affected by disasters and emergencies worldwide.
  • Provide the opportunity for Canada’s young and promising professionals to foster new and innovative ideas, and to contribute to and shape the national development and humanitarian agenda.

As a coalition and a national independent voice for international co-operation, we convene, coordinate, and collaborate with Canadian civil society to inspire and implement policies and programs for a fairer, more sustainable, and safer world

Working with various coalitions allows us to provide substantive knowledge and focus on broader global development issues – gender, food security, health, education, climate change – and on the structural drivers of global inequalities and social, economic and environmental injustice.

What we are doing

The three Strategic Directions we are taking in response to the need to address the emerging trends and evolving structural conditions that affect Civil Society Organizations and the broader civil society, and to raise our ambition to thrive in the world of tomorrow are to

  • Foster a more collaborative, connected and inclusive enabling environment for Canada’s global development and humanitarian assistance organizations, as well as for our partners globally, to realize our full collective potential and our shared vision for the future.
  • Advance the voice, expertise and leadership of civil society, as independent development actors, to effectively mobilize support, influence policy and take action on global development and humanitarian issues through timely programs, policy insight, research, and analysis.
  • Inspire and support the growth of a more relevant, responsive and effective global development and humanitarian assistance sector that, through abroad range of innovations, can create sustainable impact and change in collaboration with our partners.

The Strategic Directions reflect our belief that inclusion, gender equality, reconciliation, localization and a focus on impact are key drivers of enabling Canada’s catalytic leadership in sustainable development.

The World of Tomorrow

Canadian Council for International Cooperation